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In depth WLAN surveys

Assessing today to prepare for tomorrow

Far too many WiFi networks simply do not work as intended or under-perform. Carrying out a professional wireless site survey is the best way to  save both time and money in the long-term.

Using the latest industry tools, and techniques to map out your wireless RF coverage, we can provide you with detailed documentation and a complete breakdown of the hardware required to optimise your wireless network.

A full spectrum analysis includes detection and measurement of  RF interference that could degrade the performance of your wireless network from devices such as microwaves, PIR sensors, Bluetooth and legacy wireless devices.

Our WLAN surveys present information from all the key areas of a wireless network including received signal strengths, access point locations, RF interference and noise levels.

This information will let you optimise Access Point channels, provide insight into the most suitable antennas and power levels, as well as indicating the best remedies for a more effective WLAN network.

We will also audit your existing domain appliances to ensure full integration potential with any WLAN system.

Our WLAN surveys are of significant value for network managers who need to plan future budgets.