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Supercharge your home WiFi

In larger properties it is very unlikely that the WiFi router from your service provider will not be powerful enough to reach every corner of the home.

We often hear how customers have ‘patchy’ WiFi coverage, sometimes managing to use their iPad in the living room but, frustratingly, not in the kitchen – and as soon as the kids turn on NetFlix, well, everything just seems to stop working!

Usually there’s nothing wrong with the actual WiFi router, it’s just that it’s power isn’t high enough to cover the entire property.

Given the ever increasing number of devices connecting to WiFi in the home, and those that are likely to connect in the future, it is important that at he actual WiFi infrastructure is able to cope with the demand.

This is where NexGen engineers really come into their own: our specialists examine your current situation with a specialist WiFi survey, and then use their deep knowledge to design a suitable network that will cope with your WiFi demands today, and those in the future.

Our WiFi network design and installation ensures every room is covered using additional ‘access points’ as required. We can link separate buildings to the same network with WiFi bridges, and even provide outdoor WiFi access, just incase you need to check emails at your next barbeque.

Once your WiFi network provides high-performance and good coverage, then ideas for home automation are almost endless, such as HD CCTV over IP to your smart phone, automatic access control of doors and gates, or even installing a voice-over-IP (VoIP) intercom/telephone system.

WiFi networks from NexGen Solutions are rapidly scalable too, which means that as technology advances, so can you.

High powered WiFi for residential properties