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Simple telephone and intercom systems over WiFi

Now that you have a robust, high-performing WiFi network, why should it also be able to handle telephone calls?

The good news is that it can. Not only telephone calls to the outside world, but also intercom calls between upstairs and downstairs, form the home office to the kitchen, and even out to the bottom of the garden. Quite handy if you fancy a up of tea while pruning the rose beds!

NexGen Solutions are experts in all things WiFi. Our engineers have installed countless ‘voice over IP’ (or VoIP) systems across the country.

These systems simply utilise the existing wireless network with a locally installed exchange, and cut out the need for additional land lines and connections. They enable internal and external calls via your own smart phone or special hand sets, and have demonstrated huge savings when compared to wired alternatives and additional lines.

Voice over IP telephone systems