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iPad deployment and management

Taking the headache out of updates and mass app deployments

Managing updates and installs on your own iPad can be a challenge at times. But imagine the anguish caused when that is multiplied by updating a class of 30; and then the entire school.

Our experts will take care of the procurement and deployment processes. We will help to set up your Apple Educational Account and establish a Multi Device Management (MDM) solution for school-owned devices.

We also provide assistance with device registration, iPad grouping, mass app deployment, volume licensing, app deployment, synchronisation and back up.

With much experience in iPad Deployment and Management, NexGen Solutions can also provide any required training, which then puts you is a great position to transform lessons into immersive educational experiences.

NexGen Solutions iPad Deployment and Management service relieves the pain of mass app deployment and device management, leaving you free to do what you are best at: Teaching.