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Delivering ICT across the primary school curriculum with ease

Aligning teaching strategies with infrastructure capability

Greater emphasis is being put upon primary schools to introduce ICT across the entire curriculum. The task of aligning teaching strategies with current and future ICT infrastructure capabilities can be quite daunting. This is where NexGen Solutions can help.

Over the past 11-years, we have installed over 2000 high capacity, scalable and secure ICT infrastructures across 118 Local Education Authorities that underpin modern-day collaborative education.

We realise that every school is at a different point on the journey to delivering ICT across the curriculum, and that very few have the privilege to start with a blank sheet.

For this reason, our consultants make a point of working alongside you to fully understand your needs, carry out a strategic review, create an action plan to realise your ambition, work with your staff to create forward-thinking lesson plans and provide comprehensive training and  support.

If you want to make the most of delivering ICT across the curriculum now and in the future, then simply call us today.

Our close work with many schools has given us significant insight into the challenges that ICT presents to educators.