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High performance WLAN networks for independent schools, made simple

Scalable, affordable, high capacity WLAN infrastructures for collaborative teaching

High performance wireless networks are now critical to delivering successful teaching in today’s classrooms and lecture theatres.

The advancement of technology, new devices and updated WiFi standards does not stand still. Neither can your network if it is to accommodate 1:1 Device-Per-Pupil initiatives, BYOD policies, MDM strategies, Guest Access, and the ever increasing numbers of devices being used by students and staff.

Over the past 11-years, NexGen Solutions have installed over 2000 high capacity, scalable and secure WLAN infrastructures in schools and colleges across 118 Local Education Authorities.

Our engineers have installed high capacity WiFi infrastructures into everything from large schools and modern office buildings right through to installations into listed buildings and temporary WiFi coverage at venues such as the House of Commons.

We know the challenges that under-performing wireless networks present to educators, and how greater speeds, better coverage, tight security and, above all, reliability are now mission-critical to every lesson.

Whether you are considering optimising your network speed, extending your existing WLAN network, making moves and changes or fully installing a wireless infrastructure from scratch, our proven success with wireless technologies will help you easily handle today’s immediate needs — as well as the expected demand years down the line.

To leverage our knowledge and expertise for your next wireless project simply call us.

Maintaining optimum WLAN performance

Experience has shown us that wireless networks in schools have often been installed in an ad-hoc approach which, years later, causes under-performance for a number of reasons:

We have found the decision to procure a new wireless network is based upon a thorough evaluation leading technologies in terms of:


High density, site-wide wireless

— for those looking to roll out a 1:1 ‘device per pupil’ strategy


General coverage

— for those who want general coverage for students and staff in a ‘lite’ manner


Communal area coverage

— for those looking to cover areas such as libraries, refectories, etc

NexGen Solutions campus-wide wireless networks for schools and colleges fall into one of three categories: