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Tidy, structured cabling and fibre – the backbone to your home network

Wireless devices are great around the home, requiring no cables, maybe apart from the charging cable. Everything about them is neat and tidy but, at the end of the day, your WiFi network is still dependant on a physical connection to the internet - either copper cabling or fibre optic - and this is where things can become a mess.

We’ve all seen it: the home PC set up on a desk, unsightly power cables, network cables and other leads all hanging out the back. Or the WiFi router pushed on top of that bookshelf with Ethernet cables dangling out of the back. You try to hide them down the back of the bookcase, but it never quite works, does it?

Our network cabling engineers have many years of experience in installing structured cable networks using both copper cable and fibre optics, all forms of switching and cabinets. They have worked on many, many installations - both business and domestic, including even the London 2012 Olympics.

Their skill at making networks efficient, neat and tidy is the perfect answer to your cabling nightmare.

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