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Home CCTV Security Systems

Once your home WiFi network reaches all areas with good bandwidth, then integrating home security devices becomes a genuine reality.

NexGen engineers have installed many high definition CCTV solutions - both indoor and outdoor. These devices can be very, very small and unobtrusive, they require very little, if any, cabling - so everything is neat.

What’s more these clever cameras can detect motion, then record video clips and send them directly to your smartphone with an alert; live feeds can also be viewed on your smart phone. This means you can detect exactly what is happening in your home even if you are at work or on holiday.

Furthermore when used in conjunction with WiFi this opens the opportunity for access control, smart locks, automatic garage door openers and gate controls can all be implemented over the WiFi network and controlled automatically via your smart phone or tablet.

If needed, these devices can record and report data back to you, so you know exactly when the gardener called, when the post was delivered, when the children are back from school.

Where an incident does occur you can simply turn to your smartphone and verify if it was a false alarm or an actual incident, thus saving time and reassuring yourself immediately.

Other scenarios include baby monitoring, looking in on loved ones or the elderly, keeping an eye on the garden, and vehicles.

If the above sounds amazing, well frankly it is. Technology can now be used to augment your life with clear benefits and peace of mind.

We can install CCTV solutions for any size of property from a small flat to large detached properties with large grounds.

Finally, you’ll find that insurance premiums can be reduced when a [self] monitored CCTV system is installed.

Please contact us to explore the options and packages.

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HD (IP) CCTV and access control for the home