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Care home security systems

Helping to safeguard patients, residents and staff

It’s a sad reality that in today’s society we have to actively deter crime and anti-social behaviour in our care facilities.

Playing an important role in safeguarding patients and staff is the employment of CCTV systems and Access Control measures.

NexGen engineers have installed many high definition CCTV cameras that work over WiFi networks - both indoor and outdoor. These tiny devices are very unobtrusive and, since they connect to WiFi, they require very little, if any, cabling — keeping everything neat and tidy.

The HD (IP) CCTV cameras can detect motion, then record video clips and send them directly, live to your smart phone and/or server with an alert. This means you can see exactly what is happening around the care home, even if you’re not actually there. Options are also available for night vision cameras.

In addition to CCTV, we can integrate smart secure locks and access control systems at your facility, which can be controlled automatically via your smart phone or tablet.

These devices can limit access to, for instance, the kitchen or the manager’s office. They also keep a record of which door was opened when and by whom, giving you a comprehensive record of any incident if needed.