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Powerful and reliable WiFi for B&Bs and guest houses

Smart networks for forward-thinking hospitality providers

Do your guests plague you with complaints about your WiFi?

WiFi has become a key factor for travellers when selecting where to stay.

If travellers suffer patchy coverage and frustrating ‘drop out’, the chances are they’ll never return for a second trip, and may even slate you on TripAdvisor — just like the actual quotes opposite!

Experience has shown us that many B&Bs and guest houses have relied upon a standard domestic WiFi hub, which does not provide coverage across the entire premises, or to individual rooms, and when more and more mobile devices try to connect it just drops out.

Larger buildings need wide coverage and high bandwidth networks if they are to support the ever increasing number of WiFi enabled devices used by guests and staff.

This is where NexGen Solutions can help: Over the past 11-years, we have installed over 2000 high capacity, scalable and secure wireless networks across the UK.

We can install enterprise level WiFi solutions with minimal disruption and make use of any existing cabling that you may have in place.

Whether you are considering optimising your current network speeds, extending your coverage, making moves and changes or fully installing an infrastructure from scratch, our proven success with network technologies – both wired, fibre and WiFi – can benefit your business.

The free wifi was hit and miss though. Sometimes we couldn't connect at all.

Nice B&B with extremely bad WiFi. It was impossible to even read text-only news sites.

Something not good:
Wifi in rooms are not good - based on my a few stays - consistently. And this time, it became worse, since the cable internet did not work!

Room Tip: if you want WiFi ask for a room near the reception desk.

– actual quotes from TripAdvisor