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For over 11 years NexGen Solutions have been delivering converged operational infrastructures for educational establishments, care homes and businesses.

Using outcome-based design and an advanced eco system of technologies we ensure that you draw maximum benefit from any investments made.

Our services cover a diverse yet connect eco system covering voice, video and data solutions. Including those listed to the right >>>

We understand that our customers need to focus on serving their customers, hence we remove the complications of IT by creating connected & collaborative environments for education, patient care and business operations.

Our work enables you to realise your strategic objectives around access to key information and communications, so enhancing your ability to innovate how and what you do as an enterprise.

If being connected to your core - teaching, patient care or business operations is the Alpha & Omega thought, then NexGen is your key infrastructure partner.

We maintain relationships with ALL of the key technology providers, giving you access to the latest solutions.

As an company we take a ‘Right First Time, Fit For Purpose’ approach to our work by knowing our customers context intimately.

To date we have delivered collaborative environments for 2000+ customers across the UK.

Please contact us to discuss your project objectives.

Smart infrastructures for education, healthcare, business and residential

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